HyperSpeed Dialup is Here!

Your dialup Internet connection just got a lot faster with HyperSpeed Dialup powered by Propel ®, the fastest dial-up web accelerator available anywhere!

If you surf the Internet using a dial-up connection, you are painfully aware of how slow web pages load. Our HyperSpeed Dialup service works with your existing dial-up connection, allowing you to dramatically increase your surfing speed. We found in testing that speeds increase by 2 to 5 times when surfing with our new high speed dialup product!

And best of all, HyperSpeed Dialup requires no special phone lines, no special equipment, no setup fees, and no crazy contracts with phone or cable companies! Finally, a way to get DSL-like speeds without having to get DSL! HyperSpeed Dialup also includes a free pop-up ad blocker (which you can turn on or off).

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How Does It Work?

HyperSpeed Dialup powered by Propel® is designed to provide maximum acceleration for the Web sites you visit regularly. So, the more you surf, the faster your favorite pages will load!

Specifically, HyperSpeed Dialup speeds up the delivery of Web pages four ways:

> Compression. HyperSpeed Dialup delivers text and graphics more efficiently, using a proprietary compression technology that significantly reduces the size of Web pages and page elements sent to your browser.

> Caching. HyperSpeed Dialup improves upon your browser's caching ability. HyperSpeed Dialup intelligently retains and reuses Web pages and page elements that have previously been sent to your PC. That's why the longer HyperSpeed Dialup is in use on your PC, the faster your Web pages will load.

> Persistent Connections. HyperSpeed Dialup uses proprietary techniques to carefully manage and optimize the communication between your modem and our network of servers through a persistent connection. This eliminates the time wasted re-establishing and closing TCP/IP connections.

> Optional Content Filtering. HyperSpeed Dialup lets you block unsolicited content, such as pop-up ads and in page ads, which contribute to long wait times.

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